Sooner or Later — 10 Comments

  1. Well I don’t know if it’s gonna be a high or a low or whether the barometric pressure might prevent a cyclonic outburst but I wait, sitting on my verandah, drink in hand for the meteorological post of the century! (better be good big guy!)

  2. Ok, so yous’ guys’ want the truth! Can you handle the truth?
    Tomorrow I leave for Scranton, PA because on Monday I am expected to walk into a classroom and teach of bunch of folks a new software package being introuduced by the Commonwealth. It is a HUGE piece of software. Quite complicated, it is. Now I know this software inside and out but nonetheless I am a bit freaked out about having to do this. I love a captive audience! I do but @$%^**&^ who am I to teach this? So, with that said, I am officialy naming this impending thunderhead, School!
    I would really prefer to go do a couple of hundred miles on the AT instead.