We’ve passed into sublime silliness — 6 Comments

  1. We certainly laid it on the table with this one. I’ve been apologising all over the blogosphere. Next time, you guys stay up late and I’ll do the brekky shift! (less breakage)
    You guys are much fun! *big hugs*

  2. This is the first one I listened to and I loved it! I’ll have to download the back episodes to my iPod.
    I read a lot of the irish blogs, so it was fun to hear them referenced.

  3. This was such a blast to record. We did it on a Saturday morning here in PA which was Noonish in Ireland and late Saturday night in New South Wales.
    Baino, No more apologies!!! You were great.
    AbVan, I hope you liked it as much as I liked making it.
    K8, Thanks man!!!
    Sugar Britches, Welcome to my small corner of the interwebicals. I hope you find the others as funny. This last episode was by far the best to record.
    Thanks to everyone involved for a funny funny time that made it the final cut.