They say it’s nice this time of year — 7 Comments

  1. From what I hear JAWS can be difficult to use with certain web pages, like ones that are CSS driven. They’ll probably get it fixed just in time for some new web page creation tool to make it difficult again. Maybe I’m just a cynic.

  2. That software sounds amazing. My cousin has gone blind over the last few years because of diabetes and I’m sure it’s something she would love to know more about – going to Google it now!

    As for that Thai Wrap, simple answer – stay away from fast “food”!

  3. Very cool program you’re working on Brian.
    I wonder why they named it JAWS?
    One of my previous jobs they kept naming computer programs after things that went badly – like – Titanic, Hindenburg, it seemed like portent of doom to me., and usually.. was.

    Bad lunches suck.
    That’s all I got this morning. Hope your week is improving.

  4. Axistive and AbVan, The software is very amazing! I have just begun to work with it in a CSS environment but in a complete 508 and ADA compliant as well as a W3C Priority One compliant environment it works Too Too well. I am very impressed and have installed it on my desptop here at home. I find I can easlily get throught MS Office programs without ever turning the monitor on.
    Jen!!!!! You win the Name That Tune contest. I’m impressed. Have ever gone to Moe.Down up in NY state? I have. BTW the CORRECT spelling is MOE., not MOE . There is a period at the end of their name. 🙂
    Rhea, I won’t say a word because I was reading blogs this afternoon at work too, Shhhh!

  5. Nope, haven’t been there, but I’ve friends there-abouts and closer to you as well.
    PA is actually my home-state. 🙂

    Sorry for missing the period. Gah. Can’t be perfect all the time.