A Tat, A Patch or a Tattoo — 7 Comments

  1. Basic principle of good design. Less is more.

    Besides if it’s pain you want, I’ll come over and rub some vegemite into your wounds.

  2. Kewl Man! 🙂 As far as the barbed wire goes, I couldn’t tell ya. It’s your arm, you’ll be the one to have to look at it everyday, so it’s your decision. 🙂

  3. AbVan, My rope broke so I guess you’re stuck with me. 🙂 It has taken years to figure out what I want in this tat. It not something I will be bored with but instead it’ll just be there for all to see when I wear a sleeveless shirt. I have chosen the designs very carefully.
    Baino, I already rubbed Mortons salt on it so i could whine and complain some more.
    JD, thanks dood!
    Grandad, It’s my word and I can spell it anyway I want to! I was sick of everyone using either Enlarge or Embiggen so i made my my own word. Embiggiealize, To enlarge or enbiggen a photo at Rantings Diversified. Look it up. It’s in the 1978 edition of the Random House Dictionary right inside the back cover, in pencil.

  4. Hey – Love the knot tattoo – I don’t think the barb wire thing would go with it. Two different themes and it would make it too busy. The way it is now is Way SEXY!! Would like to see the rest of the body…any hidden tattoos??

  5. LOVE the tatt.
    I can’t believe the color is going to hurt more than the outline, mine always worked the opposite way. What colors are going to be in that armband.

    And I say skip the barbwire, it’s sooo Tommy Lee, and he’s just over. 😀

    To Absolute Vanilla, I can only speak fo rmyself, but I have yet to get tired of my tatts., and at least the first one, I’ve had since I was 18.

    Oh, and Brian, I love the word embiggalize. Jes’ sayin’.