4 July, 1776 — 6 Comments

  1. Nah, it’s only 1630 here. It’s cool and overcast and we are under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning here. I have spent my day adding grass seed to my front yard and digging weeds out of an area I want grass to grow. That and emailing back and forth with my pal Ron on how this new site works. I have no doubt he has set up a folder in Outlook to send my emails to die.

    My neighbor and I made 13 toilet paper roll bombs with some ffG black powder and a lot of TP. We put a bunch of magnesium in one of them to represent PA in our display. We are going to wait until Friday to set them off.
    Drag the kids, TAT and your Ma and Pa and come for dinner on Friday!

  2. Wow. . spared no expense then? What is it about boys . . they love to blow shit up.

  3. Baino, you’re up early. You are invited for dinner too! Grab the kids and be here about 1800 on Friday. I’m making my famous Creole/Chicago style boneless pork ribs with snap peas and basmati rice.

  4. Aww thanks matey. Wish I could . . . I am so going to copy your ribs this weekend, they sound delish. I’m not celebrating the 4th July but get a day off tomorrow for being an uber hard worker . . . (actually I’m an absent minded old fart and forgot to take some leave I applied for in June)

    Bon apetite! 🙂