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  1. Apparently I have to leave a comment so that I can receive the Webmaster’s stamp of approval. I feel like a piece of beef about to be branded . . . ouch!

  2. You got through without my approval. Hmmmmm, I’ve got to fix that.

  3. Brian, be nice, it’s almost your birthday and you don’t want to get crossed off the list!
    I move in mysterious ways . . .*evil laughter ensues*

    Jefferson, stop eating bugs and writing poetry (now there are two pastimes that just don’t go together) . . .organise a Podcast. I need entertaining.

  4. Thanks everyone for all your nice words but the big thanks goes to My Pal Ron in Wicklow. I’m going add a link to his site so everyone can hire him to rewrite their web sites.
    K8, 23 August. The last day of Leo.