The Lost Weekend — 9 Comments

  1. All of you, quit stealing my lines! People are always stealing my jokes in real life!

  2. Hahahahahahaha!
    The post was only up for about a half hour. Boy, you’re quick.

  3. Italian dinner with the girly swats -ordinary food, handsome waiters
    Cleaning and grocery shopping
    Hanging clothes over every available chair and rail (it’s pouring)
    Watched The Last King of Scotland and the Good Sheperd under the doona
    Searched for my muddy dawg
    Battled with Skype which had a really b-a-a-ad d-e-l-a-a-ay going into the US from Oz
    Washed the muddy dawg
    . . . and apparently nicking a few of Quick Draw McDario’s headlines.

  4. Quick Draw McDario *giggle*

    Do you get a lot of male Jodys in the US? Is it like jodY for a boy and jodIE for a girl?

  5. Work…More freaking work…Chatted with an Aussie and a Yank…Edited ’til me eyes bled….Cut the grass…Washed the Mangy Mutt…Fed and Watered Horses…Almost got kicked in the process…and More damn work! 🙂

    Weekend…Ha…Just two more days in the week for me.

  6. Dude, weekends for me are perpetually lost … I can never tell what happened on one Saturday …

    And this is my life-after-blogging name …

  7. Oi! C’mon you lazy blogger – pull yer finger out. Yer about as active on the interweb as a dead dingo’s donger!

  8. i kept waiting for something tragic to happen to the car. you go to the VFW, get drunk, and smash it up? the guy delivering the topsoil accidentally dumps it on the new car? etc etc

    glad the story had a happy ending.
    and now we have a brand-new weekend.