It’s a fine time to quit…… — 9 Comments

  1. Who the hell needs all of that? Too expensive! Just give me a fifth of Jim Beam and a few Red Bulls, and I’ve got that feeling all over again! Hah! Of course, the laughing is usually followed by puking! 🙂

  2. Ha!

    Young children get away with all kinds things we can’t. Personally, I’d love the freedom to just stand around and openly stare at people for minutes and minutes at a time. Really gawk, you know – maybe scratch absently or drool a little. Because you know some people need a good looking at: they might be beautiful, they might be really hairy, they might have that sort of nose – the kind that requires a good peering at – they might be dead interesting looking, they might be utterly normal; but nope, I have to pretend I’m selecting luncheon meat because that’s what the fascism of social mores demands. Do you think it would be wrong to quiz the girls on what they learnt during their own staring? Or direct them to stare at people I’d like to myself? Would that be bad?

  3. OMG I do that. The number of times my kids have told me off for staring intently at someone or talking too loud in public (usually criticising the melancholy of some shop assistant). Maybe it’s something I can get away with as I get older. When I’m a truly crazy old geriatric, Im going to make a career out of sitting on station platforms and analysing commuters in a deep and meaningful and slightly disturbing way.

  4. Wowsers. Good luck with all that quitt’n!

    Problemchildbride and baino: Amen to staring openly at people! I always think I do it inconspicously, but then my hubby tells me to quit staring to which I say “What? I wasn’t staring!” But truth is, sometimes I just can’t help it like with the lunch lady today…

  5. All this quittin’ is making me itch.
    I love people watching and you’re right there are sometimes when someone just needs a good staring at.