Here We Go Again — 8 Comments

  1. Now you’ll have Grandad and K8 competing for the most popular blog award. That’s set the cat amongst the pigeons.

  2. Brian! *blushing and fidgeting uneasily from the unexpected attention*
    Thanks so much, dude! Very nice appreciation and self esteem booster 🙂

  3. *coughs and passes a large brown envelope into Brian’s hands*

    It’s, eh, from a mutual friend.

  4. Blimey Brian!! You are such a generous bloke – cheers! I’m all a-flustered here.

    (Doesn’t know what to do with hands.)

  5. To Hanulf, K8, PCB, Grandad and Wordnerd, Yous’ guys’ are more than welcome. It’s all the truth and though I only have four readers hopefully you’ll now have four more. (He says all this while stuffing large brown envelope into his briefcase)