Everyday is Flag Day — 4 Comments

  1. Yep. It’s important to us as well and despite plenty of attempts to redesign it (we still have the Union Jack in the corner due to our British heritage which some would like to see removed) it’s remained the same. You see more T-sirts, jackets and hats donning the flag than ever before. And he should have known to remove his hat without asking . . I would.

  2. The only time you regualrly hear the Irish national anthem over here is when it’s the last song played of the night at nightclubs and weddings. They use it to let us know that it’s time to bugger off, and to get us to stand still long enough to notice that we’re elephants drunk and realise that it’s time for bed. Quite clever, really.

    I remember Civics class. It was dosser’s heaven.

  3. CSPE class was all just an excuse to sleep – and K8 is right about the Anthem …

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