National Flag Day — 13 Comments

  1. That’s a lotta rules! Ours just flaps in the air fair weather and foul atop it’s vinidex pole. I have trouble swearing allegience to a flag . . . but I don’t like to see them abused (burned, mistreated etc.) but I’m Ok with pledging allegience to the nation for which it stands. Nice sentiment liberty and justice for all . . . I hope you’re nation is as proud of you big guy!

  2. Dude, do you learn this stuff verbatim?

    In primary school they never saw fit to even teach us Amhran na bFhiann.

  3. It doesn’t say anything about not burning it.

    I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t know my national anthem. I know it starts with Síne Fianna Fáil, but that’s it. Dario’s right… they just don’t instill the same pride over here in our young’uns.

  4. Sinne Fianna Fail
    Ata faoi gheall in Eirinn
    Buion Dar slua
    Hum the bits in between until the final two lines

    Faoi lamhach na bpilear,
    Seo bheinn canadh Ahmran na COME ON CAVAN!!!

  5. Good craic Dario!!!
    Did you know most kids don’t know that PLAY BALL!!! is not the last words to ours!

  6. Suzan and Nell,
    But yous’ guys’ know….and can sing yours’
    There are some here that can’t………
    that’s sad, in a way
    a considered lack
    stoved into a……deliberate
    time and a generation
    and that sucks!
    what I mean?

  7. I’m not ashamed, as
    A song won’t remind me that
    I’m proud of my home.

    … comments in Haiku form brought to you in association with the letters B and S 🙂

  8. Yeh but nobody here knows the second verse! he he
    I’m beginning to feel haiku is overrated. They look much prettier in Kenji