Lawn Mower Hell — 10 Comments

  1. Get a goat. You can milk it and use the poo on the garden and when it gets too old, you can eat it. See I am very helpful!

  2. I always wondered what the craic was with that little primer blob. I’d always assumed it was something to do with oil. Well I never. Would an ickle homemade throttle help any maybe? I don’t know.

  3. 1) Smelling petrol instead of putting it into the mower kicks ass.

    2) Finish up with the Guide and move on to Should Have Got Off At Sydney parade. You won’t regret it.

  4. Hahahaha . . . I think it’s really funny that you have a blokey mechanical dilemma and you’ve had four posts from girly swats! Where are all the armchair experts now huh! Big girl’s blouses with absolutely no idea! (Sorry D-2Da-S whacked you in there as an honorary girly swat)

  5. baino, you’re correct 2/3 of the comments were from women but that’s OK.
    None of you guys did it with as much style as Hanulf!!!
    When was the last time someone commented on a post with Haiku?

  6. haha, thanks – always in style 😉

    brian, answer to question: um, yesterday? ditto! 🙂

  7. Hey brian,
    um.. you lost me at carburetor.
    This girl is a lot of things, but not mechanically inclined.
    Good luck with that.