Stream of Consciousness, I Guess. — 10 Comments

  1. Whoa…Wow! Great post Brian! Paris Hilton rocks, and I’d rock her harder. (note to self – don’t comment when bevvied.)

    Oh, where the heck is Jody’s email address?

  2. You’re not the only one on the bevvies I think Jeff. Brian, you forgot the link to Jody’s email.

    . . . and if I hear one more word about Paris Hilton, I’m gonna spew. They sent her back to jail this morning! I’d have put her in the stocks and thrown something squishy at her or confiscated all her clothes shoes and left her with a blue singlet, a pair of men’s King Gee Shorts and some steel capped boots. Much more appropriate punishment for a fashion victim.

  3. Bainobuddy, are you suggesting that I wrote this in a similar condition to JD’s?
    Suzan, yea!! 🙂 Sometimes it all builds up and I have to bitch or at least to comment on.
    Dario, The travel guide to So. Dublin is one of the funniest things I have read in quite awhile.

  4. I’m one of those people you would call the Petersons. All my neighbors are left wing liberals who were offended when they found out I own a gun and appalled when I said I own more than one. When I did make an effort to be neighborly I was enlisted in the Neighborhood Watch Program where I was expected to do the duties of a homeowners association, which everyone should realize is NOT the same. NW-looks out for crime, HOA-tells people to mow their yards and take down the christmas lights. I had my grandfathers american flag stolen off my house, so now I speak to no one unless I have to.

  5. Francine, that’s really sad. People can be so bigotted. There’s usually one in every street, sometimes two but you’re unlucky enough to have a street full of them.

    I’m really lucky, my nearest neighbour is 100 metres away! One only speaks Korean and the other is a pretty chill dude except when my brother’s dogs poo on his lawn!

  6. Francine, You need to pull up stakes and move away from that neighborhood of left wing stupidity as soon as you can. I just spoke to my neighbor Bill and he told me the Petersons are moving at the end of the summer.

  7. I would move as soon as possible if my roommate would grant me a divorce and give me my share of the home’s equity, so until then I stay, or until I just can’t stand it anymore which is going to happen soon.
    The town is known for it’s liberal attitude, but it is close to work.