Which 80’s Cartoon Character Are You? — 16 Comments

  1. I’m a Fraggle! That was my favourite show when I was a puppy.

    “You’re outgoing, lovable, and adventurous. Not to mention, totally cool.”

    I’m a happy little bunny, right here.

  2. Baino, The Smurfs are all goofy. You are goofy too! 🙂 Being a smurf is a good thing. I have an orange wool hunting cap I bought many a year ago that is so long that if I put it on just right it flops over forward and I become…..drum roll, please………Hunting Smurf!!

    K8, I am too old for Fraggle Rock and my Son Jimmy is too young for it so I can’t comment either way. Damn!

    Fred Flintstone though always reminded me of my Dad when I was a kid so I’m way psyched to be classified as my Dad.

  3. I was a masculine character, Brian.
    Papa Smurf – Loved by all.

    (if only that were true. 🙂

    Hey…thanks for that bit of fun.

  4. Goofy! I take umbridge!

    Hahaha . . .I want your hat. I have a whole collection of the stupid things from Jesters to Bats and a Moose Head (fake of course, I’m a greenie remember). . . I have a Nepalese mountain hat that I ordered from two gay guys who import them from Nepal . . looks bloody awful but I love it, keeps the ears warm. I really wanted to be a Fraggle! They’re sort of neurotic but huk huk guffaw . .

  5. I think they need a lesson in “80s cartoon characters”.

    Fred Flintstone was most certainly not an 80s cartoon character.

  6. Suzan, loved by all. See, it does work.
    JD, what is Rude Dog? Never heard of it.
    Phil, that is exactly what I thought when I first took the quiz. Though one could argue that since the Flintstones are still on TV they could be from any decade since the 60’s

  7. Oh, this is too too funny! you see I’ve always thought of you as TC. Once again, TC is far from an 80’s cartoon. He goes back to the 60’s. He was voiced by Don Adams the guy from get smart. Hahahahahahaha!
    Yo, TC!

  8. Ooh Man…. I’m tired of being sweet

    Rainbow Brite
    You are pure of heart and truly gorgeous from the inside out. You enjoy spending quality time with your friends and family and you love the outdoors. You’re always up for any kind of outdoor activity and you’re usually the planner of it all. Your friends all love and adore you and they should. You’re awesome!