Really Almost Finished — 11 Comments

  1. Dude, that looks absolutely fantabulous! Keep up the good work, Mr. Green Thumb! 🙂

  2. Yes Suzan, All the pots will go in the garage after everything is harveted or run it’s course of blooming .

  3. Is maith liom an Ghaeltacht.

    I’m just kidding. The Gaeltacht is a waste of our taxpayers’ money. Good looking garden you’ll have when you’re finished by the progress thus far.

  4. Aha. It’s all clear now. The pots are for the ‘annuals’! I thought it was an ‘interesting’ collection of recepticles. The anal retentive in me wants to know why your path isn’t level?

  5. Hi Gerry Hat Trick Rock Biatch (since everyone else is using silly names),
    From left to right the pots are planted with:
    Pansies, Man in the Moon Marigolds, Some green thing with little blue flowers, Jalapeno and Habenero peppers, Mugho Pine tree, Pampas Grass, Pansies.
    My sidewalk is slanted away from the house because it was a rain diversion way back when the house was built. The Ivy on the stone wall is dying(because I have sprayed it with really nasty chemicals) and when it’s gone I’ll pull it out and expose the stone wall along my driveway. I’ll do a post on it after I expose and reinforce the wall.

  6. Oh very cool – if you like you can come to Novapulse and smarten up the Hen House…

  7. Thanks Atyllah but interstellar travel to a planet of benevolent yet hyper-intelligent chickens with attitude for more landscaping chores would, I believe, overtax my simian based sensabilities. I think.