Almost finished — 6 Comments

  1. It’s pretty! (In a masculine sort of way) You’ve made your house look bigger somehow! Is that a water pipe on the grass? Are you installing a piddling statue? I love those yokes.

  2. Thank you Baino and K8 for your nice obsevations.
    K8, what you see in the pic is the coolest rake ever invented.
    It is a leaf rake that can be drawn back into itself to become a de-thaching rake.
    It’s really inexpensive and I’ll do a post on it in the next week or so.
    It really is one of the coolest inventions even.
    As to piddeling statues, no. Today I was motivated into refurbishing my water fountain and putting it outside.
    This I shall do.
    I’ll photograph it and do a post about it also. My water feature has a bit of history to it.

  3. Eveyone needs a dethatching tool . . . (what with waxing being so expensive)
    Will it be a Boticelli Angel or the Enfant Pis?
    I wait with baited breath . . . .

  4. It is a copper basin with duck-like birds and reeds and cat-O-nine tails and the water comes up through the reeds and what not and trickles down back into the basin. There are no pissing kids or puking lions in this garden.

  5. Well, your topiary is a welcome diversion from the fucking General Election here.