Yard Work — 8 Comments

  1. . . . .And when you’ve finished, I have a jet vac pump that needs the electrics replacing, a tree stump removing, whipper snipping the boundary fence, repair the paddock wire and 15 hanging baskets that need repotting please . . . there’s beer and a BBQ in it if you do a good job!

  2. Baino, when I’m finished I have to fix my mower and then I get to re-seed my front lawn.
    Hi Hanulf!!!

  3. May abundant energy and a strong back be with you for your upcoming hard work.


  4. Thanks to you all for your nice thoughts and words. Tomorrow the major surgery should be complete. I have a before pic and I’ll get an after pic and try and put them up as a post.

  5. I’d say enjoy work, only work is never enjoyable. That’s why they call it work. Otherwise it’d be called paid fun.

    Anyway, what’s the best way to call someone a boring, lifeless fucker without using those words?

    I mean a tactful manner?