Auto Acronyms — 9 Comments

  1. Aha . . NOW the email makes sense!
    I used to have a VW and still own a Toyota that ClareBear Drives. I would like a Subaru Liberty Wagon . . .

  2. Ha ha!! I’m going to make a sticker for my Citroen with that ‘Crap Interior Terrible Road-holding Owned Entirely by Nutters’ acronym on it! It’ll compliment my ‘I kill boy-racers’ bumper sticker nicely.

  3. No DeLorean and I couldn’t find any for Cadillac either.
    If I had to come up with one for DeLorean Motor Cars it would have to be…….



  4. Ha-Ha! Brian, was this meant to be serious?
    You have a fine sense of humour.
    I found the whole thing ticklish.

  5. Mine’s definitely the Hell of Nice Damn Automobile – yeah! Mind you, I do prefer a space pod!

  6. We own a Damn Old Dirty Gas Eater truck and a Too Often Yankees Overprice This Auto


  7. I really like my Hell Of Nice Damn Automobile and my The Risk Involving Useless Machinery Pays Heavily.
    My CR-V is a great car and my Thruxton 900 is the best motorbike I have ever owned.