Gout — 8 Comments

  1. You have my sympathy. As someone who broke my coccyx, I know what intense pain can be like.

    However, you clearly have a condition that’s a lot worse than a broken tailbone. Unfortunately, I can’t say anything or give any advice – if I could I would – but is there no way to bring down the inflammation?

    Or you could hep yourself up on morphine?

  2. You’re not gonna like this but alcohol is a BIG factor. My Dad used to get it. He used to take Celebrex for relief.

    Avoid alcohol or drink alcohol in moderation
    Drink plenty of water and other fluids
    Maintain an ideal body weight
    Eat cereals and cereal based products, butter, cheese, fruit and fruit juices, broccoli, cabbage, beans, potatoes, corn and cornbread, eggs, nuts, noodles, white bread, white rice. And you can eat italian – olive oil is good for you, just avoid the ‘heavy’ stuff.

    Poor possum. I feel for you . . . hope it’s a bit better today. You were actually asleep at 3.00? Well done!

  3. Intense Pain! Boy do I know that feeling. Every time it rains, the titanium screws and plates that hold my right foot together begin to scream. Get well soon buddy, and stay off the booze! 🙂

  4. Hey baino,
    Your are right beer is most likely the factor that brought this on. Over the past two weeks I have more than my fair share of Yuengling Premiums. I say this because I can’t figure out what I may have eaten to bring this on. Stress is the other BIG factor also. The foods you listed were mostly correct. Beans I can not have also nuts and cornbread. I got a chuckle when I read white bread. I hate white bread!!! Wheat, Rye or Pumpernickle is what I eat .
    I’ve been taking Ibuprofen all day.
    Thanks man. No beer and I’m being careful what I eat for now.

  5. Opulent living eh? I hope you feel better soon, mate, you sound like you’re in a totally unfair amount of pain. I remember a boss of mine had bad gout, his hands looked like boxing gloves. He found it tough to stay off the sauce!

  6. UUGGHH! I hate forced dietary restrictions. My gall bladder is kind of iffy. So i’m (pisco-ovo) vegetarian and avoid lipids. This ended with me becoming lactose intolerant, but at the same time not needing any surgery and not having any sypmtoms since i manged to get serious about this. Vomiting up hunks of cheese are you go in and out of conciousness and extreme pain is a mighty good deterrant 🙂