My Yard — 4 Comments

  1. Poor possum! I hate gardening. That’s why I’m paying for DrummerBoy’s Horticulture degree so that he can do it all . . .

  2. You think that’s bad … ?

    My father rotovated my sister’s garden, and then seeded it. Unfortunately he put down Hytrol – a serious weedkiller – all over the ground as well.

    No grass for two years. Hytrol means business.

  3. Um… nope. What’s wrong with pine trees?!

    Sorry you had a bad day… hope it improves by 100% (or about 24 m2)…

  4. The pine trees are gorgous! They are but they were planted in a straight line from the back corner of my house and when they fall down they will inevtably fall on my house and that might not be a good thing. Now if they fall the other direction then my neighbors house gets squished so they have to go. They are too big.