Public Service Announcement — 9 Comments

  1. Are you talkin’ shite when you should be curling your eyelashes for your gig tonight? 😉

  2. K8, I’ve never curled my eyelashes since………well, forever!
    Also, I’m not going to see Otis Day and the Knights!!!
    $27.95 to enter the park and $10.00 to enter the Ampthitheater.
    $37.95 is a bit too dear for me to see a concert.

  3. You’re kidding! $37.95, even US tha’t’s WAAAAAY cheaper than we pay here. ClareBear just spent AUS$115 (about $75 US) to see the Red Hot Chilli Peppers! And that’s cheap by stadium standards . . U2 $90 standing $250 seated! Needless to say, I have learned to download! (and I had a very vivid picture of you shoop dancing and sincing “ah weee oh wee ah wee oh wee!”)

  4. There is no way in hell on ice that I am going to pay $40USD to see a band made most famous by a movie. Oh, and by the way $75USD to see the RHCP’s comes in as a distinct, I DON”T THINK SO!!!!!!
    Christ, the last time I saw them it cost $3USD cover charge to get into the bar and FLEA bought me me a beer!!!
    Oh, also…….I don’t do stadiums! If it’s not in a club/bar setting then the Kid doesn’t hang….as it’s said.
    I got some great news…funny news as to not going to see Otis Day.
    OK, long story short, He came and played with the band playing at my Legion tonight.
    More to come

  5. baited breath Brian . . .baited breath!
    Yep. Don’t do stadiums either . . . the province of the young!
    What’s a legion?

  6. Last night I went to see a local blues band. The Don Jonson project. about 11pm- ish Otis Day and his drummer showed up and played with them and a bunch of us hung out with them afterwards. They played until 2am and I got home about 5am. Ugh! It was fun but I don’t think I’m going to that again for awhile.

  7. The American Legion is a veterans organisation that operates bars and resturants all over the country. It’s private so the laws governing them as a bit more slack than for public bars and resturants and being a non-profit organisation the prices are alot cheaper.

  8. Well go you good thing . . . party hard or go home!
    Legion: sounds like our Returned Servicemen’s Clubs (RSL). Low priced drinks and good food.