I am a Liberal — 5 Comments

  1. But dude, what about the Federal Agency For The Correct Hanging Of Curtains In Minnesota? All 12 jobs there will be lost!

  2. I do so love reading about your political rants… to me it makes Ireland’s problems seem so much simpler! The part you wrote about the guns remided me of that Simpsons episode where Homer is being reviewed for gun licensing- the salesman says..”Hmm, says here you have a history of mental instability, alcoholism, violence, and that you once assaulted former president Bush…” Homer- “Awww, does that mean I don’t get a gun??!?!” Salesman- “Naah, relax.. it just limits you to three.”

  3. I guess the gun thing has new relevance this morning after the Virginia shootings. I empathise with competitive shooters – one nutter and you all pay for it. Gotta say, I’m not a fan of the things they must be really hard to use because our Police keep killing people instead of Glocking them in the shoulder. I did have a beetle once!

  4. I thought if the police shoot they are supposed to shoot to kill not maim? I considered it a missed shot if the suspect lives.

  5. Very intelligent, Brian!
    I love the part where you describe how Americans built America.
    But bitch-slapped again??
    Maybe some of your favourite romantic poems – which you should seriously consider turning into songs because they are beautifully lyrical – will calm you down. 🙂