My Sixth Decade — 4 Comments

  1. My middle name is Elizabeth (along with 1-3 English girls born at that time) because I was Christened during Queen Elizabeth’s coronation year
    I used to walk 2 km to school, on my own and come home in the dark, now I drive 10 minutes to work – by myself and still come home in the dark
    I came home from play when the streetlights came on – now my kids message me to make sure I’m alright if I’m not in bed by 11.00pm
    I remember my mum dancing to the Beatles and learning the Twist – I can’t dance very well . . . I wiggle to perfection.
    I haven’t seen a gypsy since I was a kid, they used to sell us pegs and steal our coal.
    My first rock concert was The Monkees at Festival Hall in Melbourne (My last Rock Concert was The Chemical Brothers at Hordern Pavilion in Sydney. I felt a bit old twiddling fluoro sticks but love the music.
    I first tasted prawns when I was 7 – I last tasted prawns last night – I guess some things never change, you can keep your squab!
    I travelled overseas when I was 7, the beginning of a love affair with travelling as opposed to ‘touring’
    I got my first labrador when I was a baby and still love ’em, just ask ThePrincess
    I’ve survived gathered dresses, smocks, mini-skirts, full length wet look boots, flares, cheesecloth, patchouli oil, boofy hair and shoulder pads, there’s nothing you can throw at me that will faze me but I’m still surprised on a daily basis . . .

    I’m also in my 6th decade but I prefer to keep it among friends! I’m determined to grow old disgracefully. I have been told that Preparation H is great for wrinkles . . . (on your face, Brian, on your face!)