Why I blog or Tag you’re it — 7 Comments

  1. Jeyzus Brian now I’m under pressure and we’ve only just tagged!

    I’m not even sure what tagging is but I found your blog through THAT cross-Tasman Oirsh lad and his Canadian mate who put links to our blogs on theirs. Evil laughter not withstanding I guess it’s open season now 🙂

  2. Heh … that someone who doesn’t write for an audience is me, I guessing. Musing over the ineternet is certainly surrwal.

    Without going into too much detail, how do you and JD know each other?

  3. Baino, No pressure I was going to have you write a Why Do I Blog but you already did it in your post Voyeuristic Intentions. I just want everyone to stop by your site and see what a good writer you are.

    Johnny, Good Morning…It’s all your fault.

    Dario, Yes, I was referring to you. JD and met through me listening to his podcast and reading his site. Skype ya’ know.

  4. All right, I did it. But be forewarned – I’m tired and distracted and it’s in the running for Boringest Post Ever. I may blog okay, but I don’t blog for an interesting reason… 😉

  5. I podcast – because I find talking in a pub with a beer in front of me alot easier than sitting down to write – basically – I’m a lazy bollocks.

    In some ways podcasting is more work – but we only do sessions now every couple of weeks so that makes up for it… and hell. we don’t spend any time editing or making sure the sound quality is alright… see the above:)