August 1975 — 10 Comments

  1. Alas, I was not born until four years later. Cool pic – even the texture of it screams 70’s.

  2. Ha ha ha – you’re so old …

    I wasn’t even the component strands of DNA back then. In fact, my parents hadn’t even met.

  3. I was three and a half years old, me and my twin were probably in sun dresses playing in the back yard in a mud puddle being watched over by the wonderfully protective mutt my parents rescued.

  4. Year 12 in high school. Not so much old as ‘well seasoned’. At least in Oz we can drink when we’re 18!

  5. I was in Rota, Spain working 12 hours a day. Wish I could have been there with you. Although, at 19 I could drink legally.

  6. You don’t really want me to answer that question.

    Let’s put it this way. In 1975, my parents were 15.

    Yeah. Sorry if that’s a crushing blow to the chronologically enhanced in the group, but such it is. I’ll turn 30 next month.

  7. I had just turned 17 the week before this pic was taken. About 2 weeks afterwards I started 12th grade and graduated the following May.
    BTW, I’m not 17 anymore

  8. I spent the year 1975 in a state of chronic incontinence and unable to speak. It might sound hellish but really it was a very relaxing period of my life. Then I turned 2 and the world got a bit more complicated. It’s all been a muddle ever since.

    Thanks for visiting me with your lovely thoughts and words. You’re quite wrong but you made me blush and that’s cool. And for the meme! I did a similar one way back when I first got into this blogging lark so I think I’ve said it. I can’t promise I’ll do this one right away but when I do I’ll credit you and tag some more people.

    That picture rocks! You guys look so caught and cute.