Weekend Recap — 5 Comments

  1. Grandad is a teddy?

    How the fuck does he use the computer? That must be super-ESP powers or something!

  2. I get a lot of stick for being unable to drink whiskey (or whisky) at all. Just can’t stand it. Think it stems from the teenage years, when we used to drink naggins of Jameson straight. Ack.

  3. Any whiskey drinker know that it is spelled whiskey. Unless of course, you drink Scotch [which is nearly as bad as bourbon] which is spelled whisky.

    Dario – I have super powers.

    To finish off the story – Grandad threw a bucket of slurry at the 193rd Special Ops Wing. They all crashed and burned.
    The photo they claimed is Tiddles is, in fact Attila. He’s a vicious little bugger – even Tiddles is wary of him.
    So we all lived happily ever after. Apart from Twenty, who is still stuck in the drain.