Squab Stew — 8 Comments

  1. Dario, a squab is one of those things you wouldn’t eat if it was known by what it actually is!!
    Squab is a baby pigeon. Despite what most people think it’s very,very yummy.

  2. Ah, sorry….. I just cannot eat squab. It’s too “whole body” for me!!!

    Here via michele!

  3. Oh, so it’s much the same way that I never want to know what constitutes hot dog meat …

  4. And who is this mysterious Michelle I have heard much of? A muse of yours, Brian?

  5. Go look at my Links I Like on the right and click on Michele Agnew. Then go join her Weekend Meet-N-Greet

  6. I haven’t had squab in forever…I wonder if your recipe works with Grackles. . .

    Thanks for stopping by my blog – yours is interesting, I’ll be poking around a bit.

  7. The man can hunt, sew and cook!!!!

    You don’t get a lot of men like you in Ireland. Most men here call their girlfriends and wives ‘mommy’. Please come over and start a boot camp.