Socks, Darn It — 5 Comments

  1. I had written a post and put it up yesterday afternoon. WordPress, in their dictatorial wisdom, decided to delete yesterdays post in favor of this one. Yesterdays’ post is gone, poof, history, outta’ here. Thanks, WordPress! I appreaciate it! You’re such a pal !!!

  2. Blogger’s an equally good friend to me. Saves me having to self-edit; it deletes everything!

  3. Good for you! There’s is nothing more unattractive than a helpless man other than a helpless man with holes in his socks wearing a shirt with half its buttons.

    My dad taught me how to sew, I’m not sure why that wasn’t my mom’s job.

  4. You’ve inspired me to pick up the darning needles and learn this critical – and increasingly lost skill.

    Thank goodness Michele sent me tonight!