Clubbing Baby Seals — 7 Comments

  1. That’s fierce irresponsible, allowing them out like that to get wasted and cause violence and generally act the bollocks.

    Oh wait. That’s young people in Cavan.

  2. Leave them alone. They are entitled to enjoy themselves like the rest of us.

    It’s when the elephants start up that I get worried. We had a herd the other night who kept me awake all night with their drunken trumpeting. A four ton drunken elephant is no joke.

  3. EXCELLENT blog, man… I’m caught totally by surprise. I had a poster of a baby seal once that I thought was so sweet and innocent but I had no idea they were such gurriers. It’s always the quiet ones isn’t it? Actually come to think of it I DID see one bebo baby seal profile that was offering all sorts of lewd services. I just thought it was a joke…

  4. Dario, you know the youngins’ in Cavan may well be decsended from seals.

    Grandad, Seals terrorizing people in NZ is a very serious problem. I’m sorry to hear about the drunkin Elephants in your area. I know occasionally we have roving herds of drunkin’ Bison here, what with their snorting, bellowing and stomping on the ground till all hours of the night. I’ve heard said that some of them sharpen their horns too!!!

    K8, Thanks for the kind word. Ya’ know those drunkin baby seals are pretty sneaky.

  5. An interesting twist to the usual “Stop the killing.” Well done.

    Here from Michelle…*waves*

  6. Here from Michelle…*waves*
    An interesting twist to the usual “Stop the killing.” Well done.