All figured out — 7 Comments

  1. Actually, if South PArk is to be believed, he’s here to save us all from ManBearPig.

    And he’s really serial about it too.

  2. Well you see the whole Manbearpig thing was merely an attempt to distract us from our research into the truth of the Evil Snow God and his plans to take over the world, like Evil Snow Gods do. I’m rilly serial about this too.

  3. I thought AlGore was one of those Disney animatronic robots, that would explain his lack of personality and unusual smoothness and flat like appearance in the groin area of his khakis.

  4. *Deeply flattered and humbled by your mention :)*

    A fresh Zephyr from the shores of Wicklow is winging it’s way to you. Here’s hoping it doesn’t turn into a tornado by the time it reaches you…
    Let me know if that Evil Snow God starts giving you jip so that I may sic Zebedee on him!

  5. Thank God for the Evil Snow God then! Now I can stop researching cryonics for a solution and just relax until I am taken.

    Here from Michele’s!