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  1. bacon bits!

    and not the fake molded to look like bacon bits bits but the real thing, and I don’t even really like them all that much but I have to admit they make everything a little better especially mashed potatoes and what is not to like about something that is sizzles the way bacon does?

  2. I’d be the raisin that winds up with in the shredded carrots. Why? Because the raisin is, much like the aforementioned Bacon Bit, an “end of the line” item. The shredded carrots tend to be at the start of the salad bar, right next to the base lettuce. That means that the raisin gets to travel the entire length of the bar, meeting and greeting the other items before it finally comes to rest in a bed of soft carrots. I feel it is the most well traveled item on the “fixins” bar

  3. I’d be a fat green olive, stuffed with sweet pimiento or maybe almonds. I love the color of olives, and their saltiness. I also love crunchy almonds – so that seems ideal to me.

  4. Yes, I have to admit Dario wins! His comment was too too funny but I was pulling for Kat. Hers was the most creative. I liked the idea of the traveling and adventure and then ending up in a bed of carrots!