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  1. Funny that you should mention Jennifer Love Hewitt, as I was musing over whther or not to make her one of the three I listed above. Might I also commend your anti-skobie tactic; I’ll be sure to mention it at the next Town Council meeting.

    And AW MAN! Good choice. I don’t know how he comes up with them …

  2. John Brown is also sometimes credited as ‘the father of modern terrorism’. It seems as though you seem to fall into that category, but now I’ve realised something.

    How the hell do I know about an obscure piece of American history like that?

    This has confused me.

  3. How am I a terrorist?
    That is a good point. How do you know of John Brown other than the study of slavery in the US?

  4. I like Gina Gershon too. She is unique– something that is harder and harder to find these days. There is something about looking at someone, someone who is a real person– they just don’t fall into the typical beauty catagory. You will not mistake her for someone else. There aren’t 16 young girls who look exactly like her in the mall or grocery store. You see her and think: Gina Gershon. I just like that.

  5. I didn’t mean to say that you were a terrorist, but rather that you seem to agree that Brown was a terrorist. Remember, even bin Laden thinks his actions are noble and for the greater good.

    God damn it! Still don’t know how I heard of this guy …

  6. Julianna, you nailed it. Unique is the idea I was searching for when I answered that question. It really was the most difficult question to answer. I find beauty in every woman from young girls to elderly grandmothers but there is something that is sparked in me when I meet a woman of unique beauty.