Saint Patrick — 6 Comments

  1. Well damn!
    The URLs I used to research this is as follows.
    They all state that St. Patrick was born in Scotland.
    Now in all fairness says it’s Wales.
    What the heck do I know.
    I went down my local this evening and had 3 pints. While there I saw too many folks wearing a green shirt and using it as an excuse to drink too much.
    I took my ginger hair and red beard along home.
    I like a pint or so but I don’t like drunks.

  2. i know how you feel. I very much enjoy a drink (or few) in an evening, but this day where we are ‘expected’ to start drinking from 12pm in packed bars just doesn’t agree with me.

  3. In New Zealand the irish pubs opened at 7.30 in the morning… with free Breakfasts for anyone silly enough to start drinking at that time… by the time we sent out (at around 9 in the evening) most people could barely stand…

    Its an excuse for other people to get silly drunk – any actual irish folks I met thought it was all very silly too…