Intelligent Day — 5 Comments

  1. It is the folly of the politically shortsighted to believe that anti-gun legislation will lead to any sort of reduction in crime. As you’ve so clearly stated, the opposite almost always holds true.

    But simplistic-minded politicians don’t care about practical matters. All that concerns them are the optics in the eyes of their electorate. And if the (dumb, black-and-white-thinking) voters want to see their elected officials getting “tough” on crime, then by God, they will.

    Never mind the uselessness of it all.

  2. Is that Tickle tests, yeah? ‘Cause they tole me I had an IQ of 127, when according to the Mensa test it’s 141.

    Can’t believe everything you read.

  3. No surprise; I’m a linguist, too. Not a hard one to figure out, though…

    Here from Michele’s!

  4. Thanks for visiting. I did your little quiz and – who’d’ve guessed it? – I got the same answer. Linguistics. But I knew that when I was eight!

  5. Sure, sure…blame it on me!!!

    So wait — now everyone gets to carry a gun, not just the bad guys? Cool!