How Short Our Memories ver. 1.1 — 9 Comments

  1. I don’t think even the powerful presence of the US military in Iraq can save it now. I imagine that the Sunni vs. Shia thing has been simmering for a long time under Saddam, and that no-one could stop that if it escalates.

    I supported the war the whole way through, because Saddam was a loose cannon in the region, but the US truly opened Pandora’s Box when they took him out. The US should be scaling down its operations; otherwise it could become the unwitting deer-in-the-headlights between Sunni and Shia warfare.

    As for oil, it’s not as if production in Iraq has been increased. That’s bollocks. Bush just likes the idea of being a ‘war president’, in the mould of FDR. He’s more of a Nixon, though.

  2. Hello Brian for the first time. 🙂

    Thank you for the compliment on my blog. You made my day.
    Didn’t know there was a nice ghost lurkingabout the place.

    I have added you on to my blogroll and really look forward to your comments.

    I’ve also enjoyed having read your passionate thoughts on American politics.
    And yes, I did look up your poetry last January.
    They’re clever satrical pieces.
    My favourite is My Sixth Decade.
    Do write me a funny poem sometime.
    I love your natural sense of humour. 🙂

  3. Hi Brian.
    To call you on some points. You need to go check Webster again for a definition of communism. If you consider a national health service communist, then that makes the UK a people’s republic. If you consider larger government communist, then so is France, Italy, Australia and most of Western Europe. If you consider smaller military complexes communist, then the Vatican is one of the most communist states on Earth.
    Your suggestion that people like Clinton and Kerry actively seek the destruction of the USA indicates that you’re more likely to believe in the Illuminati and shape-shifting lizard people running the world than I am, Brian.
    Don’t you see that it undermines your argument when you make unsupported assertions (the weapons of mass destruction intel was the best available), demand factual evidence of the contrary (inspection reports by the UN, UK mainstream media proving the document was a farrago of lies) and then reject those respected objective sources of information because you don’t like what they say?
    There’s nothing wrong with being conservative, Brian. The core meaning of the word is that one does not take unnecessary risks, one makes assessed judgements.
    The current war in Iraq by that definition is anything but conservative. It is a rash folly that will in the end cost the American people more in blood and wealth than they could possibly have ever imagined.
    But it is self-blinding to permit ideology to overrun common sense. It is common sense to listen to as many sources of information as possible and assess the quality of the information they provide. It is common sense to listen to one’s political opponents and examine what they say, rather than dismiss their positions as ‘communist.’
    It sounds like everyone is a communist to you who doesn’t agree with your current President, Brian, and that makes you sound irrational.
    I doubt you are irrational

  4. Hi JC,
    Yes, you are completely correct I DO consider the UK and most of western Europe as being precariously close to communist governments simply because of their large centralized governments and what I consider to be undue control over their peoples. Absolutely yes, the Vatican is very nearly a perfect communist state. The church has always been run from the top down by a single governmental entity.

    My dislike and distrust of the American left and in particular those I refer to as, “clintonistas”, comes from what I and the American people had to endure during their tenure. Every single politician I mentioned would remove the majority of our freedoms in the name of, “The Greater Good of the Country”.
    One of the biggest problems I have with the American left is that they allow no debate. Normal everyday intelligent people when confronted with an American conservative throw out any idea of intelligent debate and they resort to personal attacks. This has happened to me more than I can recount. On a national level look at Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh. I personally do not like they way either of these people present themselves but what they are saying makes a lot of sense. Now I’m sure you or I can dig up outrageous things both of these folks have said but that is exactly what I mean. I don’t like how they get their message out there but I agree with the message. Know what I mean?
    So the negative knee jerk reaction to dissent is a hallmark of the American left.

    Your point on the definition of conservative is correct. I use this term as it relates to American politics. Again, please read my post of 11 January, 2007 entitled, “I am a Liberal”. Here in America a conservative is;
    one who does not believe in a large federal government
    one who believes in lower or non-existant taxation
    one who believes in a large military
    one who holds that our constitution IS the highest law of the land
    one who believes in less regulation and intrusion into our lives by all levels of government.
    To the contrary a liberal is;
    one who believes in a large centralized gov’t
    one who believes in entitlements like national health care, the dole, social security, price controls, etc
    one who would reduce the size of the military
    one who would impose a fashionable sense of morality***
    one who believes in greater control of the people by government

    I’ve got to jet. I’ll write more later today.

  5. *** by this statement I need to explain that there are those on the left in America , like, “the clintonistas”, who want to make our constitution a, “living” document. By that they mean they want the means not only to amend it but to be able to change it.

  6. Well, it would be nice to even see the US constitution adhered to by the current government, who are busy conducting torture at home and abroad. (Not currently permitted in the constitution, I understand.)
    Also, this bit really does make you sound unhinged:
    I DO consider the UK and most of western Europe as being precariously close to communist governments simply because of their large centralized governments and what I consider to be undue control over their peoples. Absolutely yes, the Vatican is very nearly a perfect communist state. The church has always been run from the top down by a single governmental entity.
    Basically, it seems you don’t understand what communism is, either in terms of ideology (Marx, etc) or practical reality (USSR, etc).
    It’s frankly risible to suggest that the centre right governments of most of Europe are communist. And given the Vatican’s long-standing opposition to communism in all forms, that assertion was the funniest one you’ve made yet.
    But yes, Limbaugh and Coulter are both pretty crazy. I’ll give you that.

  7. Hello from Michele.
    Perhaps if you used the word “socialism” instead of “communism” these left-wing self-righteous people would get it.
    Let’s just say I am a conservative too. I agree with your take on the situations around the world.
    One thing that disturbs me is how we are being forced into labeled. While allowing the teaching of Islam, Buddism and other religions in publicly funded schools and labeling this as a demonstration of our “tolerance” to religions; those of us who cherish our Christian faith are ridiculed, stamped as intolerant and forbidden to hold Bible study classes in some schools. The country first established on the Christian faith and the freedom to practice religion as we choose is now banning that faith from all governmental places. That is NOT what separation of church and state means. It was meant to keep the government out of religion, not to keep religion out of government.
    I’m sure those will come back and say… look at the laws written and the court cases decided….. but we must look to the Constitution and not the courts. The court system in this country is on a runaway course headed to anarchy. They have lost all common sense.

  8. Erm, no. European governments in general don’t even approximate to socialist either. A few are social democratic, which is centre-left to centrist (Spain, UK), while most are centre-right (Germany, Ireland, etc).
    You guys really ought to take a flight over and have a look-see yourselves. Things like a national health service, decent public infrastructure and proper primary and secondary education are not considered luxuries here. Nor is it deemed useful to leave them to the vagaries of the marketplace where they can only be accessed by those on high incomes.
    That’s not communism, but common sense.

  9. I actually take debate with what SRP said. This country was not founded on the idea of “religious” freedom. This country was majority identical to the English social system of the time. Most people were quasi-religious at best, and it was founded on commerce. There was ONE very odd colony in the Massachussetts Bay… and they did not have religious freedom or tolerance within their borders. Puritain or behave like one.. or out. loosers went to “Rogue’s Island” (Rhode Island) and tended to stay there or face persecution. It’s not “revisionist” history either, it’s primary document history, as opposed to pop culture.

    I don’t fit either of the two major parties.. i have extreme views and moderate views from all saides, just depends on the issue.

    (Hi Brian!)