Two, Two, Two posts in one — 9 Comments

  1. Wow — I’m totally with you on 1, 2, & 6, and I’m almost #5!!!

    By the way, I contributed to the poem!

  2. Hey Brian, thank you for the announcement. I’ll do the, “6 Weird Things About Me”, MeMe ASAP, but first, I must go work for a few hours! Oh, I also get to take a test, when I get home. WooHoo! 🙂

  3. No! A chain blog! I’ve been meaning to write six crazy things about me, though, so thanks for the excuse.

  4. Yes a chain blog!!!
    Ha! evil laughing ensues……
    Most if not all have responded.

  5. Okay Brian – here are my conditions: I never post these in my own blog – Playaz Policy. So you’ll have to accept my response here in your comments section. And may a plague of locusts fall upon you.

    Six weird things about me:

    1) I was once in a bloody fist-fight with Shirley Hemphill – who I mistook for Nell Carter, who owed me $20 at the time.
    2) I can consume an entire wheel of cheese by myself.
    3) I once deliberately hid a movie in Blockbuster so another person could not rent it, after she accused me of ‘stealing’ it from the shelf.
    4) I am responsible for the rise and fall of the “Cabbage Patch Kid”.
    5) I have twin girls – both of whom have different fathers (I suspect).
    6) I prefer Mello Yellow over Mountain Dew.

  6. Phil,
    You can’t bullshit an old bullshitter!!!
    You can’t fool me.
    Nobody but nobody prefers Mello Yellow over Mountain Dew!!!!

  7. I will always choose a Coca Cola product over a Pepsi product, which is spawned from the devil. (I will admit, though, to drinking the occassional MD when MY is not available)

  8. You are lucky to have no broken bones and I admire your language ability. I live in a tag free zone as I feel my blog is all about me so anther me me would be one me me too many -if you see what I mean.
    Michele sent me.