Fun Facts — 5 Comments

  1. I actually read about those towns in a Bill Bryson book. Aren’t they home to Mennonites or some kind of religious sect?

  2. There are lots of Amish and Mennonite in this area. South central PA was first populated by Germans so we have large Amish and Mennonite communities around here. A few years ago a friend of mine had some work done around his farm by some Amish guys and I helped out also. These guys were the nicest, happiest, most friendly people I’ve ever met. They spent all day working and joking and laughing and never once were we , “Englishers”, made to feel like we weren’t part of the crew. When we finished the work on the barn, Jonas, their boss, gave me my very own work hat. You know the straw hat you always see Amish guys wearing in the summer. Ha! I still wear it in the summer when I work in the yard.

  3. Cool, so they’re not sullen and joyless as the media make them out to be.

    Damn you … I want an Amish hat …

  4. I didn’t realise that each state had an official breed of dog as well… No better one than a great dane either – does any of the states have a small dog as their offical dog??? Like a poodle:)?

    State Fossil too??? Man who decides these things???

  5. The Boykin Spaniel is my states dog. (South Carolina) It’s a small to mid-sized dog. Great post, Brian! 🙂