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  1. Oh sorry man, I just realised you shortened it to the Angry Dome. My bad!

    By the way, is it true that Lynx deodorant is calleed Axe in America?

  2. I was cleaning up the look of the blogroll, sorry, I should have dropped you a note.
    Yes Axe deodorant/cologne is the one all the teens and 20somethings all wear. In my day we all wore Paco Rabanne. We were sooooo cool!! Ha!
    So with all the Guiness and real beer over there has Yuengling Lager showed up at the taps yet?

  3. I drink Lager in the summer and Premium in the winter. Nothing better on the golf course in the summer than a six of Lager in the cooler.

    And I’d rather have a, “Light and Bitter” than a Guiness but, that could be a local prejudice from East Anglia.

  4. Master Chief Airdale, Sir – I’m not big on, “Lager”, but I’m with you for a, “Light and Bitter”. When I lived out in Natrona Heights I was very surprised to find out that Yuengling has been very big out there for many, many years. Basically that meant I didn’t have to drink, “Arn’ City”!!! 🙂

    VoT – Cider? That hasn’t caught on here yet. Take a holiday and come visit. I’ll buy ya’ a Yuengling!

  5. No, we still have to deal with the real good stuff – like Heineken and Carlsberg. If I was on fire and someone tried to put me out with Heineken, I’d prefer a few burns.

    As the Voice Of Treason says though, you can’t beat Magners/Bulmers for the smooth oak aged taste …

    Please, encourage Yeungling to start exporting. We need quality beers over here!