TV — 3 Comments

  1. God, man! Where have you been? 24 is so class! Jack Bauer beats the faces of Muslims, Chinese, and practically every other ethnic minority that hates America and I love it! Welcome to the brotherhood of 24.

    If I were you I’d buy the boxsets of the other series. They should only be about $30.

  2. Mira Dario,
    !Ya no quiero TV mucho!
    I really don’t think much of the show with the execption that it could be alot better.
    With that said, I will try and watch it when i remember when it’s on.
    I don’t like the politicalization(sp?) of TV shows. If Jack Bauer is gonna’ kick ass then let him do it!!!

  3. TV sucks the sweat off dead man’s balls… (guess where that quote comes from?:)

    Its the ads – ads, ads ads. They destroy any disire I have to watch the telly. Cable or paid for tv sucks here as well – and its pricey – unless you’re a sports nut – which I’m not.

    So I watch dvds – sometimes 2 a night. I get to choose what I watch, when I watch with no-one tries to sell me anything… I love it.

    I do watch the news – and the odd simpsons / family guy episode – but usually not past the first ad break… Having tv shows on dvd is a god send – I could never watch these things on tv but on they make perfect time wasters on dvd…