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  1. I’m a veteran of over 30 video games involving guns – as our country effectively bans all the good ones – and I just want to know, was that an AR-15 or an M16 or neither?

  2. The rifle in the pic is a Bushmaster AR15 upper and lower with a Douglas Stainless Steel barrel(chambered and installed by Mikes Shooters Supplies), Jewell 2 stage trigger, Bob Jones rear sight, Phil Arrington front sight and gas tube. Weighted front and rear for a total weight of 17.5lbs.
    I sold that rifle and my new one is a Rock River Arms National Match AR15. Right out of the box it shoots sub minute of angle. The best I’ve been able to do is about 1/3 inch at 100 yards. This spring I’ll put together some better ammo and then I’ll be able to get some smaller groups.

  3. That’s some good shooting. I always found it amusing that they sell such highly powered rifles over there; yet gun crime per capita is probably lower than Ireland’s.

    How much did the AR15’s cost you?

  4. “highly powered rifles”
    I’m not sure what that means. The AR15 is chamberd in .223Rem also known as 5.56mm. In it’s military role it uses a 62 grain bullet flying at 2850fps. I shoot a 75 grain Hornady bullet at about the same speed for short course and an 80 grian Sierra at about 2950fps for long range. The every day hunting cartridges, 30-06, 243, 270, 308 are all ALOT more powerful. My rifle is very accurate because that is what my sport requires. Now I know any rifle that is center fire is called a highpower rifle but don’t confuse that with being more powerful .
    A new Rock River National Match rifle is $1,150.00USD