Irish Blog Awards — 5 Comments

  1. Bring plenty of ‘el dinero’ if you’re coming to Ireland. They don’t call it the Rip-Off Republic for nothing. Ho ho!

  2. I am not holding my breath on getting into the final five but I still have plans in case I do.
    Arrive Dublin 28 Feb. Irish Blog Awards on Friday night and then Saturday rent a car and go to Charlestown Co. Mayo. My family is from there and south Sligo. Couple of days or three then off to Belfast for a day or two. Final leg of the trip is back to Dublin to fly out on 7 March. Kinda’ like a whirlwind tour but enough time to find a good pint or two.

  3. No offence man, but you’re up against The Swearing Lady, whom I think can still qualify. You need to have about two months of posts before they’ll even give you a look in. But the great thing is, if someone has nominated you, the vote is publicly opne, so you can vote yourself into it.

    If you don’t make it, you can always vote for me …
    (Coughs and slips a twenty note into brianf’s hand)

  4. Cool beans, a 20 euro note… at todays exchange rate that should be….about …..$4000.00 Damn, that’ll cover my trip! I know who I’m voting for. Woohoo!!