Well I’ve been home for two weeks now and am doing quite well.  All my little scars are healing nicely and I no longer have any pain.  My first week home was very difficult and painful.  I was flat on my back or up and walking around.  You see  anything in between these was very painful.  I came home with a catheter installed in me and it made sitting or lying on my side very painful.  So I spent the first week doing alot of laying about.

Then came 14 November and I had the catheter removed.  Yea!  All my pain went away.  The only problem left is incontinence.  I have no control over my bladder.  The prostate along with a sphincter muscle are how we hold our pee from just flowing whenever it wants to.  Well I no longer have a prostate so I am in the midst of learning to just use the sphincter muscle to control my pee.  I am in the early stages of this.  I have to wear an adult diaper for now but every day I get a little bit better than the day before.  Soon I’ll get to a point wherein I’ll only have to wear a pad to catch the little bits that don’t get held 100%.

Despite the temporary incontinence I think the whole surgery thing has gone very well.  I no longer have any cancer inside me growing and becoming something scarier.  That was the whole idea behind all this.  Now if the two little spots on my right lung are found to be nothings I will be able to say I am cancer free and that’s what I’m hoping for.

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