They wheeled me into the Operating Room and I went out like a light bulb.  The next thing I know the Surgeon is telling me how well the operation went and how al lthe cancer was removed.  I spent most the afternoon in the recovery room then they took me up to my hospital room.  The nurses were nice enough but they had me on some powerful pain medications and I couldn’t sleep while there.  I spent Thursday staring at the walls and generally being out of it.  I stopped the pain meds on Thursday evening because it was just making me stoned.  On Friday the Doctors resident came by to tell me that my labs were all fine and that I could go home anytime I wanted.  I got out of bed for the first time and it was easier than I thought it was going to be.  I got schooled on how to work and care for my catheter.  I walked around the room a bit and was kinda’ getting my legs back when my sister Cathie showed up.  We walked all the way to the front entrance of the hospital and she was nice enough to pull the car around.  I got a ride home and here I am recovering.  The important part is that they got all the cancer removed and pretty soon I’ll be back to normal.



The Surgery — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks Grandad.
    My discharge paperwork said no wild debauchery for 6 months. I just want to get this catheter out of me. I’ll take it from there.