Well it all started with an earthquake on my birthday.  It was only a 5.8 magnatude and centered in southern Virginia but the building I live in was swaying.  I had just layed down on my couch to take a nap and all of a sudden my building started swaying like it was a tree in the wind.  Then the couch I was on started shaking and the pictures I have hanging on the walls started rattling.  I smiled and said to myself, “Damn this is an earthquake”.  It lasted quite a long time.  30 seconds or more.  I had the TV turned on and was watching a 24 hour news channel and about 5 minutes after it stopped they broke into their programming and announced that Washington DC just expierenced an earthquake.  Ha!  I was right!
Then we had hurricane Irene blow through about two weeks ago.  The winds and rain were epic but it only lasted a day.  After the rains stopped the winds hung around and knocked trees down all over the area.  Something like 50,000 people had their electricity knocked out.  The electric companies have just finished restoring power.
Then last Sunday the remnants of Hurricane Lee made its way north from the Gulf of Mexico.  It gave us heavy rain from Sunday until yesterday.  The rain came out of the south and drove straight north inundating all of central PA.  All the rivers and creeks and streams swelled way beyond their borders.  The Swatara creek reached historically high levels.  The Yellow Breeches creek has over run its banks higher than ever before.  The interesting thing is that the Susquehanna river did not reach historically high levels.  Oh it flooded alright and it flooded alot of folks out of their houses but it crested 7 feet below the record high of 32.5 feet.  It reached 25.2 feet with the flood stage being 17 feet.  As bad as the flooding is we have seen much worse around here.
Welcome to Pennsylvania!


Wonderful weather we have here — 2 Comments

  1. Happy belated Birthday, Brian! I’m usually good at remembering birthdays. People that work in high rise buildings around here felt the earthquake. I felt nothing! The rains passed right by us. We could have used the rain since we are in a moderate drought.

    How did Capt. Willie fair during the Earthquake? Was he freakin’? 🙂

  2. JD, Thanks for the birthday wishes.
    Capt. Willie just sat up and looked around during the earthquake. He acted like it was no big deal.