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    The Castle Doctrine

    June 29th, 2011

    Governor Corbett signed HB 40 into law yesterday.
    House Bill 40: The bill, known as the “Castle Doctrine” bill, amends 18 Pa.C.S. (Crimes and Offenses) and 42 Pa.C.S. (Judiciary and Judicial Procedure) to expand and further define an individual’s right to use deadly force inside or outside of the individual’s dwelling, residence, or occupied vehicle. It eliminates an individual’s
    duty to retreat before using deadly force if the person is in a place the person has a right to be and believes that deadly force is necessary to protect himself against death, serious bodily injury, kidnapping, or sexual intercourse compelled by force or threat.
    What this means is that you no longer have a “Duty to retreat” outside of the home. If you feel you are being threatened with death, serious bodily injury, etc. you have the right to use deadly force. This bill also limits certain civil liabilities for people who act within the guidelines of the bill. In other words you can’t be sued for using deadly force outside of your home.
    This is a good day for the honest citizens of Pennsylvania and a bad day for criminals