Over the past few weeks I have noticed a bit of work going on out on my balcony.  I have been following the work every day as it has progressed.  Finally today I walked out there with camera in hand and was surprised to find the two little eggs.
There are two birds responsible for this.  They are both really large robins but aren’t the eggs suppose to be, ah “robin-egg blue”?  Check out the eggs below.
They appear to be a dark blue color.
Note: You can click on the pics to embiggialize them.
Anyways I’m digging my new neighbors.


My Balcony — 2 Comments

  1. That is so great!!!! Blue eggs are pretty. But not when they hatch and someone cuts down the bush they are in and lose one of the birds. 🙁 I’m sure you won’t make the same mistake…it would be kind of a shame if you cut off your balcony, it must be nice to have!