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    Another Movie Review

    November 14th, 2010

    I just went to see a… I’m not going to call this one a film because it was pretty bad. It’s called Skyline. It is a truely bad bad movie. I can’t believe I spent my hard earned money on this crapola. I thought it would be an Earth vs. the Space Aliens and although it had bits of that in it it was the story of three people who don’t do a very good job of dealing with space aliens invading earth.
    The acting was horrible and the plot was predictable. The characters made every bad decision available to them and each scene was worse than the one before. This was an hour and a half of my life I can’t get back. I completely lost all hope for this flick at the anti-smoking scene. Yes, stuck in the middle of this truly bad flick is an anti-smoking rant. My friends and I left the movie joking about this back and forth. In the movie, one of the characters has just found out she is pregant and when another character lights up a cigarette she complains about smoking around her because she’s pregnant. Cut me a break!!!
    This thing goes way beyond b-grade.  It’s just a bad movie!

    I voted. Did you?

    November 2nd, 2010

    Today is the Midterm Election.  Today is the day we historicaly throw the bums out and replace them with new bums.  I am just home from casting my vote.  I did my bit to throw out the trash and vote in some new faces.  I hope those new faces will do a better job than the last ones.
    Here in PA we have some hotly contested races.  Running for Governor is our current Attorney General and a crook from Allegheny county.  In the race for Senator we have an ultra leftist, Obama hugging dipshit running against a common sense conservative.  The last race I voted in pits a corrupt former sheriff against a lying weasel.  That was a tough call as to which one got my vote.
    I hope everyone gets out and casts their vote.
    It’s important!
    Your vote is your voice.
    Be heard!