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    An Outrage

    October 25th, 2010

    Evicting an 88 year old woman, who is a ten year tenant, because she smokes cigarettes.  Check out this link.
    Shouldn’t a person such as she be, ‘grandfathered’ in.  I think so.  If an institution like an apartment complex decides to go no smoking it should be for new tenants and the existing tenants should be allowed to continue to smoke so long as they live there.  At least that’s how I see it.
    Thanks to Grandad for bringing this to my attention.  He wrote a great article about it.
    There is a website that is doing what it can to reverse this tragedy.  It’s called Smokescreens.  It’s a good site to refute all the anti-smoking crap we are inundated with everyday.
    If you find this as immoral as I do please send your name to be added to a letter to the housing association.  You can do this at this link.

    I have already added my name.  Will you add yours?

    A New Post

    October 24th, 2010

    Where do I begin.  It’s been since May that I updated this last.  Well I just got my internet service turned on here in my new diggs so I hope to be updateing this more often.  My new apartment is pretty cool.  It’s a one bedroom right around the corner from Italian Lake and only three blocks from Riverfront park.   I have been unpacking for what seems like days now.  I have WAY too many clothes!  I have already taken a very large bag of clothes to the Salvation Army store.  I need to thin the ranks so to speak, some more.
    I bought a tottally cool couch for my living room.  It matches my kidney shaped coffeetable.  It’s black and very angular, kinda’ has a 60’s look to it.  Very Mod!
    Well since my beloved Phillies have lost their attempt to get back to the World Series there seems to be no reason to watch it this year.  It is a case of So What vs. Who Cares.  Ha!  In reality it’s the Texas Rangers vs. the San Francisco Giants.  I think for the first time in many many years I’ll be rooting for the American League team.  I’d like to see the Rangers just kick the shit out of the Giants.  🙂
    I also need to shout out to my pal Ron.  With out him the Bulgarians would have gotten my domain and he set up my hosting somewhere in Europe.  Ron tells me I don’t need to know where it’s being hosted.  He said it’s best I don’t know.  He was a prince rescuing my domain name and repositioning it.  I’m not quite sure how he did it but I’m also not suppose to ask him how he did it.  Thanks Ron!  I owe you a big one!  Last I spoke to Ron he was in Tallinn working for a smuggler.  It had something to do with getting people into Sweden.  This I didn’t need to know.
    As I type this my beloved EAGLES are losing to the Tennesee Titans.  Boo!!!  Fly Eagles Fly!  I know this isn’t much of an update but I’ll make up for it in the next one.  so for now just know I’m back and plan on updateing this site more often.  so until then…  see ya’ round!