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    March 29th, 2010

    There is a boy who just wants a glass of red wine
    some good conversation
    a nice smile to gaze upon
    a friendly face
    maybe some Zydeco music

    would be nice

    he’s been there
    He’s standing on a corner
    talking to her
    Bachet, Trane, hell, even Bird is gone
    Paint the statue in KISS face
    Uriah Heep, Black Oak Arkansas no body drives a Studabaker anymore

    Open the trunkĀ  Have a beerĀ  let the party carry on
    we sang about what’s so funny….
    we didn’t really mean it
    Johnny R was right
    despite the hype

    She was tall
    actually shorter than she looked
    she loved his
    scared of moving too fast
    scared of……SHIT!!!
    they loved good together
    They did the best they could while they were stuck in this place

    would be nice

    Ice, Ice..music sucks
    Ween ….is keen
    we don’t grow we get older