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    March 29th, 2010

    There is a boy who just wants a glass of red wine
    some good conversation
    a nice smile to gaze upon
    a friendly face
    maybe some Zydeco music

    would be nice

    he’s been there
    He’s standing on a corner
    talking to her
    Bachet, Trane, hell, even Bird is gone
    Paint the statue in KISS face
    Uriah Heep, Black Oak Arkansas no body drives a Studabaker anymore

    Open the trunk  Have a beer  let the party carry on
    we sang about what’s so funny….
    we didn’t really mean it
    Johnny R was right
    despite the hype

    She was tall
    actually shorter than she looked
    she loved his
    scared of moving too fast
    scared of……SHIT!!!
    they loved good together
    They did the best they could while they were stuck in this place

    would be nice

    Ice, Ice..music sucks
    Ween ….is keen
    we don’t grow we get older

    Idealism vol. 1

    March 21st, 2010

    It’s been 2 and a half hours since I took the pills.

    I’m still not sleepy.

    They should have taken effect by now.

    I’m sitting and daydreaming            about

    a life that lives only in my mind

    It’s OK!

    They call me an idealist

    I have an ideal world in my hand.

    It’s a pretty cool place were there are

    no politicians, cops or badguys

    Not in that hippy, flower power kinda way

    More like Wookstock meets Ozzie and Harriet
    and they all get along… well

    I was speaking in front of a crowd at a great large theater.

    I was trying to get them to understand

    I’m not one for everyday hugs.
    Save them for someone you love and Puh-Leez don’t give me that I love everybody, new-age crap.
    Save them for when you mean it.
    Save yourself from the rubber room existance we are building for our children.

    Take then hunting or fishing or backpacking   for Gods sake.

    but wait!  One must ask the Kings permission.
    I didn’t vote for any King!
    The lands and wood that you would camp upon are owned by the state!  You have to pay money to camp there.

    The waterways are controlled by the state.  You must pay money to use them.

    The Stag in wood is property of the state and you have to pay money to shoot him.  no matter how hungery you are.

    HA!!  Not in my little idealistic world they’re not

    I shall no longer pay my tribute to the King!
    Let it be know through out the land that I bow to no man!

    Everyone else in my world feels the same way.

    We get on quite well.

    We don’t lock our doors when leaving and one can’t lose their car keys when they’re always in the ignition.

    At one point I looked out upon the sea of faces and wondered if I was getting through.

    The applause said I was, but was I?

    I think it was the after-party where everyone kept pushing drinks and drugs at me almost as an offering to some psychicly benevolent seer.

    I just see whats in front of my eyes, folks.

    Now I’m yawning.  A good sign.  Stay tuned for vol.2

    The Meeting

    March 11th, 2010

    When he first walked across the parking lot towards the group outside smoking he was a bit pensive.  He was unsure if this was the right place to be.   Just out of the hospital he had decided that what people were telling him was correct.  He stopped at the small crowd and finished his cigarette alone then put it out and started down the steps and inside.

    His first impression was that there were alot more people there than he expected.  Then he turned the corner and about dropped his jaw when he saw about five guys wearing colors!!  Bikers!?!  One percenters?  Oh, this is going to be interesting he thought to himself.  The room was set up with three rows of seats facing each other with a long table in the middle of the room.  He took his seat in a middle row and tried to be inconspicious.  More and more people filed in.  The room was starting to fill up.  About five minutes before the meeting started all the seat were taken and they were pulling folding chairs from a closet.   It had been a warm autumn but still the heat was on and it was already a little to warm in there.  Eight PM finally arrived and the meeting was started by the guy running the show.  People were still coming in.  The place was packed.

    He was surprised to look around and see people of all stripes there.  The bikers mentioned before as well as more than expected young people.  Of course there were the expected 50-something guys and more women than he though would be there.  the mix of people really surprised him from bikers to men in suits and way young kids in their early 20’s.
    They started the meeting by reviewing what the meeting is all about.  They have a set and standard way of doing this and they went through it with military precision.  There came a time when they asked if anyone was new to this meeting.  He quite nervously spoke up and was greeted with a warm welcome.  They gave him a round of applause.

    The body of the meeting went both as he expected and not so too.  He found it very interesting listening to the speakers and trying to relate them to his own life.  As the meeting wrapped up as he thought it would he was very surprised at the number of people who came up to him to just just say hello and talk.  Even the bikers were nice and welcoming.  Even while standing outside having a smoke afterwards people came up to him and introduced themselves.

    They all offered the same advice.
    Keep coming back.